Pleven Mes – reliable and undeniable
Pleven Mes is a vivid example of how a family business in Bulgaria has managed not only to survive on the market, but also to continuously combine excellent quality with competitive prices for more than twenty years.
By sticking to the best production traditions in the industry, Pleven Mes has developed its products primarily on the basis of old and tested traditional Bulgarian recipes. This is a guarantee for flavour, that not only differs from anything else on the market, but remains in people’s minds, and makes them choose it over and over again.

The most apparent proof that attention is paid to every single detail is the fact, that hand chopped onion is used for the meatballs. No one can mistake the unique taste of beef salami or flat sausage, of kebapche or black pudding, produced by Pleven Mes.

In order to guarantee customers’ satisfaction and to improve its products, Pleven Mes is accredited to the highest quality standard – ISO 22000. This is a standard for food manifacturers, which controls the safety management of the products throughout the entire chain – from the workshop to the end user.

And this is not all. Pleven Mes applies not only European, but cosmic standards. No, this is not a joke! The first step in this direction was taken in 2006, when the company reconstructed, upgraded and expanded its existing facilities to meet the requirements of the European Union. Furthermore, it introduced a non-hazardous system for food production and distribution, consistent with the HACCP standards.

HACCP principles were formulated for the first time in 1959, to ensure the supply of safe foods for NASA astronauts. In the 70’s this concept was developed into a system for inspecting canned foods from the US meat industry. Pleven Mes is the only Bulgarian brand that has acquired 100 percent of the outlined criteria, which are much higher than those of the European Union.

The thousands of customers of Pleven Mes are already convinced in these facts – customers not only from Bulgaria, but from countries with strong traditions in this industry, like Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands. In order to keep the high standards, the company continues to develop its own commercial network and to invest in its production facilities. This year, it completed another major expansion of activities by successfully constructing refrigerated chambers for the finished products.

Foods with the brand Tsar Par – a trademark of Pleven Mes, are distributed by the Fantastico chain of stores throughout the country, as well as by the company’s retail stores in Sofia, Ruse, Pleven, Gabrovo, Sevlievo.

Nikolay Mollov

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Sales Representative
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